Empowering Change: BGF within RISE Project Unveils 8 Inspiring Social Enterprise Ideas

20 November 2023

Welcome to the exciting world of the RISE project, where 156 young entrepreneurs, grouped into 51 teams, are set to embark on the 4th RISE Journey across the Balkans. Thanks to co-financing from l’Agence Francaise de Developpement, the European Union, the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO), and the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO), these visionary individuals will shape their social enterprise concepts, fostering positive change in their local communities.

1. Bubble: Creating Safe Spaces for the LGBTIQ+ Community in Kosovo

Addressing the need for safe spaces, Bubble aims to unite and empower the LGBTIQ+ community in Kosovo. By providing workplaces, stage opportunities, and a safe haven, Bubble seeks to break barriers and encourage active participation in the movement for positive change.

2. Camp Fest Kosova: Art and Culture for a Healthier, Unified Community

Using art, literature, and theatre, Camp Fest Kosova strives to build a healthier, stronger community while transcending ethnic boundaries. It aspires to be a platform where the youth can voice their community's concerns, fostering awareness and understanding.

3. Cultural Hub: Fostering Artistic Community Engagement in Malisheva

Cultural Hub aims to transform Malisheva, a culturally underdeveloped city in Kosovo, into a space where the artistic community can thrive. By promoting arts and culture, this initiative seeks to engage and educate the community about the significance of artistic expression.

4. Eco Farm: Nurturing Local Organic Agriculture for a Sustainable Future

In response to the growing fast-food culture and uncultivated lands, Eco Farm aims to promote local organic products by connecting consumers with local farmers. This initiative seeks to ensure the prosperity of farmers, cultivate more land, and provide customers with high-quality organic products.

5. Hhayatelier: Illuminating the Environment Through Upcycled Lighting

Hhayatelier tackles environmental issues by transforming waste materials into eco-friendly lighting options. By offering sustainable alternatives, this initiative contributes to reducing waste, promoting environmental awareness, and supporting the community's interest in sustainability.

6. Peace Park: A Tranquil Haven for Inclusivity in North Mitrovica

Peace Park envisions a unique park in North Mitrovica, offering spaces for individuals with disabilities. By creating a peaceful environment and involving marginalized groups, this initiative aims to contribute to a stronger and more inclusive society.

7. Pre-Marriage Consulting: Fostering Healthier Relationships in Kosovo

Recognizing the importance of pre-marriage consultation, this initiative advocates for the establishment of counselling centers in Kosovo. It aims to address delicate issues surrounding relationships, family backgrounds, and separation, contributing to the mental well-being of individuals and children.

8. YOLO Team: Cultivating Positivity for a Brighter Future

YOLO Team is on a mission to create a space where youngsters can share positive thoughts and ideas, fostering a happier and more positive society. By raising awareness about the importance of positivity, this initiative aims to contribute to a brighter future.

As the selection process concludes, the RISE project moves into the ideation phase. Local incubators will guide these young entrepreneurs through training sessions, workshops, and mentoring sessions, transforming their ideas into sustainable social enterprise models.

“Starting a new beginning as a social entrepreneur is a rewarding and noble endeavour. It will require resilience, dedication, and a deep commitment to trying to make a positive impact on society. The RISE Journey will give young people the opportunity to make a positive difference within their societies through commitment, innovation, and the pursuit of social impact. This journey will enable them to learn and adapt as they work toward a better future for their own community and also society, as a whole.” – Andina Vllahiu, Project Coordinator at Balkan Green Foundation. 

For more information on the RISE program, visit the link attached here