About us

Balkan Green Foundation (BGF) is a regional organization that promotes inclusive and equitable progress within the Western Balkans on sustainable development domain.

Along with its partner organizations, BGF places a strong focus on advocating for solutions that promote development policies, which are in line with world’s latest developments, global challenges and national agendas for EU integration.

Regional initiatives are undertaken on an ongoing basis to further convey BGF’s commitment towards regional sustainability, ensuring the strengthening and advancement of vital policies affecting key sectors, such as energy, environment, and economy.

BGF has been successfully positioned as a key strategic partner for regional and global institutions, organizations, and communities in promoting sustainable development, transforming innovative concepts into powerful solutions, and strengthening regional and global partnerships.

Our Staff

Visar Azemi

Executive Director

Visar Azemi is the executive director at Balkan Green Foundation. Visar holds a graduate degree in electrical engineering from University of Pristina, a second Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies, and a Master’s degree in International Financial Management from University of Maryland University College. In the role of the Executive Director, his duties and responsibilities include strategic engagements with governments, civil society and the private sector to support the Western Balkan transition towards a sustainable future and European integration. His engagement is focused on strategic development in the Western Balkans with particular attention on renewable energy development, energy market integration and circular economy.  Visar has over ten years of professional experience in non-profit sector, with extensive knowledge in partnership development, strategic planning, project management, and marketing. He has also co-authored studies and reviewed numerous papers and reports on sustainable energy pathways. His hobbies include music, climbing, hiking and outdoor sports.

Rinora Gojani

Programmes and Operations Manager

Rinora Gojani is the Programmes and Operations Manager at the Balkan Green Foundation. She has an extensive working experience in research, advocacy, capacity building, civic and grass route level engagement, fundraising, and project management focused on sustainable development, democratization, Western Balkans politics, and EU integration processes. Rinora holds a Master’s Degree in European Politics, with a focus on energy policy, from the University College Dublin. She has a passion for outdoor sports, specifically for cycling, hiking and climbing.

Doruntina Murati Gashi

Finance Manager

Doruntina Murati Gashi is a Finance Manager for almost four years at BGF. She is responsible for accounting and financial management of the organization. She is also involved in direct financial reporting for multiple donors and managing external audits. Her experiences include bookkeeping, financial reporting, taxation, financial statements and has knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Doruntina holds a Bachelor's Degree in Bank, Finance and Accounting from the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Economics. During her free time, she enjoys walking in nature, cooking and has a passion for interior design.

Delvina Haxhijaha Krasniqi

Project Coordinator

Delvina Haxhijaha Krasniqi holds the position of Project Coordinator within Balkan Green Foundation. Over her professional experience, besides successfully managing multifunctional projects, Delvina has been specialized in creating and shaping communications content, organizing and managing events, developing social media strategies, and assisting on brand development for various small and large organizations. She finished her studies with honors at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Kosovo in Public Policy and Management. Delvina enjoys being physically active, is fond of photography, and music is part of her daily routine almost 24/7.

Antoaneta Ivanova

Project Manager of BGI

Antoaneta Ivanova is Project Manager of Balkan Green Ideas Program of Balkan Green Foundation. She has immense 20-year experience in the civil society sector in the Western Balkans working for different national and regionally owned organizations. Antoaneta’s primary focus has always been to support youth in their educational and career endeavours as well as to help them to build their startups and social businesses from scratch, to support them in boosting their capacities, as well as to mentor and motivate them in enhancing their outreach. She obtained a Joint Master’s degree in Human Rights and Democracy at Bologna and Sarajevo Universities, as well as she is a US Department of State Alumni in Media and Communication studies at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA. Antoaneta’s hobbies include reading poetry, writing poems, and also exploring the field of astronomy.

Kaltrina Salihu

Project Coordinator

Kaltrina Salihu is a Project Coordinator within BGF. She has a long working experience in different development projects including participatory planning, networking, designing and implementing active labour market measures for youth, women and other vulnerable groups. Among other processes, she was also part of piloting social entrepreneurship concepts among groups and organizations in rural areas in Kosovo. Through her active engagement, she has facilitated inter-community exchange initiatives and decentralized cooperation actions. Kaltrina’s education background includes a bachelor degree on Sociology and master’s degree on International Relations and Diplomacy, both attained in Kosovo. She is a current PhD candidate in the University of Skopje in North Macedonia. Her hobbies include hiking and art crafts.

Besfort Kosova

Project Manager

Besfort Kosova is a Project Manager in Balkan Green Foundation. Besfort has an in-depth knowledge of the energy system of Kosovo and the Western Balkan Six countries, particularly the RES sector and its developments. His education consists of a master’s degree in Public Policy – International Development Policy - from Duke University, North Carolina, USA. He also holds a bachelor degree in Sociology at the University of Prishtina. Besfort has a passion for nature, hiking, gardening, reading and a keen interest in sustainable development policies, energy and environmental issues. 

Jehona Dushi

Project Officer

Jehona Dushi is a Project Officer at Balkan Green Foundation. Jehona has completed internships at Research Institute for Development and European Affairs on a research project supported by Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance as an intern at the Council for Financial Reporting. Throughout her years of study, she has taken up leading roles in organizing the 16th Symposium on World Economy and International Affair and charity movements.  She has completed a BA and MSc at the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield where she was awarded with first class diploma (highest distinction) on both levels of study. She holds a Chartered Management Institute Level 6 Diploma in Management and Leadership. Her hobbies include music volunteering, and reading books.


Lirika Raça

Administrative and Finance Assistant

Lirika Raça works in the position of Administrative and Finance Assistant within BGF. She completed internships at Initiative for Agricultural Development of Kosovo (IADK) and later also at the Kurt Weiss Greenhouses Inc. in Center Moriches, New York. Lirika has also been involved in volunteering work both inside and outside of Kosovo and has attended numerous trainings in the field of environment, climate change, conflict transformation, ecotourism, nature conservation and internet governance.  Lirika holds an AP and BA double degree in Environmental and Agricultural Management from  Univeristy College Lillebaelt and  International Business College Mitrovica.  She in an dedicated environmentalist and enjoys reading, movies and nature related sports like hiking, climbing and cycling.