Study Visit in France within the RISE project

16 February 2023

Paris, France - From 6 - 10 February, Balkan Green Foundation participated in the first study visit organized within the RISE - Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs. The visit gathered project managers of 6 local incubators from the Western Balkans, offering them the opportunity to meet and interact with key actors in the field of Social Entrepreneurship in France. In addition, the event served as a chance for local incubators to elaborate on project objectives and ensure better preparation for the implementation of future activities tending to improve the ecosystem of social entrepreneurship in the region.   

Within this five-day event, the RISE management team achieved to:

  • Involve a new form of governance at the programmatic level to give local incubators a stronger voice in the continuous improvement of RISE Journey implementation.
  • Strengthen the integration of intercultural and gender components, tending to create a more equitable and inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and contribute.
  • Improve the project’s communication strategy, to effectively convey the RISE message and engage with its target audience.

Furthermore, the local incubators had the opportunity to explore social entrepreneurship in France by engaging with two inspiring social entrepreneurs and their work, as well as pay a visit to one of the enterprises that produce unique or upcycled pieces, ethical designers in fashion, jewelry, accessories, home decoration and ethical cosmetics made sustainably.

Local Incubator - RISE activities are being implemented by six actors from the region: Balkan Green Foundation (Kosovo); ARNO (North Macedonia); Nešto Više (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Smart Kolektiv (Serbia); IPC Tehnopolis (Montenegro); and Yunus Social Business Balkans (Albania).

The Consortium and Supporters - This project is supported by the Agence Française de Développement, the European Union and Regional Youth Cooperation Office and is developed and monitored by the Consortium consisting of RYCO, PULSE, SEEYN and OFAJ DFJW. 

To find out more about RISE - Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs, click here.