17 December 2022

The “RISE - Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs” has begun the implementation of the second phase of the project, continuing to support social business ideas that tend to create a better place in the Western Balkan region.  RISE focuses on cooperation, ideas exchange, and peer-to-peer education, strongly believing that youth can learn, grow and make changes while working together. 

The program is composed of an ideation phase and an incubation phase, aiming to enable project leaders to develop innovative solutions to the challenges faced by their communities. This way, it empowers young people to become actors of change within their community(ies) by developing solutions with high social and environmental impact, and confronting them at the regional scale.

For this phase, Balkan Green Foundation (BGF) will work for 4 months on implementing the ideation phase with seven (7) creative and motivated teams:

UNITED - wants to create a partnership with local restaurants and local farmers to acknowledge and link their needs/offers.

REUSE -  an environmentally impactful idea that tends to produce filaments from recycling plastic. 

KLINIKA JONË - intends to create a medical platform where people can access simple articles on symptoms/diseases written by professional doctors. 

THE FREEDOM TO DREAM - wants to improve the education system of Kosovo, especially for disabled people. They desire to help them get the education they dream of. 

ARCADE - an eco-friendly idea including toys that help with raising awareness of the younger generation towards making sustainable choices. 

CHERRY PICK - are motivated to create a bio-read platform for people that want to read fastperiodort period of time, with the impact of reducing printed books in the future. 

PANACEA - is encouraged to fight for the empowerment of women that lack professional and educational backgrounds, by creating an aloe vera farm to produce products from the plant. 

Local Incubator - RISE activities are being implemented by six actors from the region: Balkan Green Foundation (Kosovo); ARNO (North Macedonia); Nešto Više (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Smart Kolektiv (Serbia); IPC Tehnopolis (Montenegro); and Yunus Social Business Balkans (Albania).

The Consortium and Supporters - This project is supported by the Agence Française de Développement, the European Union and Regional Youth Cooperation Office and is developed and monitored by the Consortium consisting of the European Union, RYCO, PULSE, SEEYN, and the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO).

To find out more about RISE - Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs, click here.