Kosovo Green Action Project - Stakeholder Engagement Plan Summary

13 December 2022

Plan objective: A Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) for the Kosovo Green Action project was prepared by the Balkan Green Foundation, FOL Movement and Open Data Kosovo in accordance with the World Bank Environmental and Social Standard on Stakeholder Engagement and Information Disclosure (ESS10). It defines a program for stakeholder engagement, including public information disclosure and consultation, throughout the entire project cycle, outlines the ways in which the project team will communicate with stakeholders, and includes a mechanism by which people can raise concerns, provide feedback, or submit complaints about the project and any activities related to it. 

Project Description: The Kosovo Green Action project aims to support the Kosovo government and other key stakeholders to accelerate the implementation of the Green Agenda through activities that improve access to information, accountability, transparency, and good governance, empower youth, as well as boost climate actions.

Grievance Mechanism. The project grievance mechanism (GM) will be established and hosted within the BGF. Community members, service providers, as well as all project workers (including contracted workers such as construction workers engaged in solar panel installations) may make complaints about any issue that they might encounter concerning the project (e.g. adverse social or environmental situations caused by the project; limited access to project services, etc.). Any grievance can be brought to the attention of the GM by filling out the grievance form (Annex 1 of the SEP). Any type of grievance can be submitted by mail, phone, e-mail or in person using the below access details:

Balkan Green Foundation

To the attention of the GM Kosovo Green Action Project

Str. Universiteti 36/2, Prishtina 10000, Kosovo

+383 49 728 019


To read the full summary document in Albanian (click here), English (click here), or Serbian (click here)

To read the full document of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) in Albanian (click here), English (click here), or Serbian (click here). 

We welcome comments from Stakeholders, in any form of communication, until January 10, 2023.