BGF organized the third cycle of "Design Thinking workshops" in the framework of RISE project

27 July 2022

On the 20th, 21st and 26th of July, Balkan Green Foundation (BGF) held the third cycle of the "Design Thinking Workshops". Participants were youngsters between the ages of 16-28, interested in the field of entrepreneurship and in creating a positive impact on society.

The workshop cycle contained three sessions, two of which focused on "Problem Identification" in order to help the participants in identifying the problem in the community where they live, analyzing the main actors involved in the existence and solution of this problem. The third workshop focused on "Ideation and Prototyping" where participants continued their work from the "Problem Identification" workshop, working on the idea of ​​solving the identified problem, and prototyping this idea as a social initiative, social enterprise, or informal activity.

The participants acquired knowledge on: 1) The importance of thinking to design the prototype; 2) How to think outside the box; 3) The five steps of the design thinking process; as well as 4) Creating the prototype and the steps along its implementation. 

The activities are organized within the framework of the RISE project - Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs, which aims to prepare young people to turn their ideas into successful social enterprises.

The "RISE - Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs" project activities are implemented by six regional incubators of the Western Balkans: Balkan Green Foundation, ARNO Nešto Više, SMart Kolektiv, Inovaciono predzutnički centar Tehnopolis and Yunus Social Business Balkans.

The project is developed and monitored by the Regional Youth Cooperation Office - RYCO, PULSE Group, SEEYN, INSTITUT FRANÇAIS and OFAJ DFJW.