BGF co-organizer of the environmental discussion within DokuTalks

10 August 2021

As part of the 20th edition of Dokufest, the Balkan Green Foundation was the co-organizer of the discussion panel ‘The Importance of Environmental Activism’ where the social dynamics of environmentalism were addressed and discussed. The discussion brought together speakers from different sectors, which aimed to present the main challenges, as well as the need to do more on the road towards a cleaner environment and a sustainable future.

The Executive Director of the Balkan Green Foundation, Visar Azemi, at the same time the moderator of the panel in question, said that climate change is a reality that is affecting Kosovo as well more and more every day. "We are now experiencing the effects of global warming. It is up to us to ensure a healthy environment and improve the current situation, and this is possible by emphasizing the importance of education and awareness raising, cross-sectoral cooperation, and adapting the implementation of legal structures for environmental protection in Kosovo,” said Azemi.

Panel members from the spectrum of academia, business, and civic activism agreed that channeling joint local and regional actions is extremely important for a clean, healthy, and decarbonized environment.