Cross-border Training on 'Campaigning for environmental protection and public advocacy'

29 June 2021

Has, Albania - On June 29-30, the cross-border training "Campaigning for environmental protection and public advocacy" was held in the Municipality of Has, with the local stakeholders of the Municipality of Has and Klina. The main objective was to increase the capacity for the development of successful public engagement and increase of the effectiveness and impact of advocacy actions and campaigning for the protection of the natural values of the cross-border region in Albania and Kosovo.

The training on environmental protection campaigning and public advocacy gathered members of the local governmental units, NGO’s from the cross border region, representatives of the local media, small business holders, farmers, etc. who engaged in the training and in group work to analyze joint cross-border issues and to present sustainable solutions on addressing them through public advocacy principles which were presented during the training session.

The importance of the training in advocacy and capacity building for the most active members of the cross border region remains in the influencing of people’s behavior through communication as one of the most crucial pillars with multiplicative effects. The use of local catalysts that represent the most active members as change-makers will serve as an additional contribution to the solution of pressing environmental issues that are problematic to the local communities. Further, the changing of people’s behaviors towards the environment, trust-building, stakeholder cooperation, and coordination are key elements in order to achieve long-lasting effects for the environmental protection campaigning for positive environmental impact and sustainable change.

Throughout the training days, promotional materials created with recycled material were distributed to promote the concept of recycling. These included recycled notebooks, pens, tote bags created by the artisan women.

In the two municipalities will be held four more trainings for businesses, youth, media, citizens in general, representatives of municipalities.

This training is realized within the European Union - IPA II funded cross-border project "GREEN CROSS - towards local green economies with smart investments”. The project is implemented by Balkan Green Foundation in Kosovo and EDEN Center in Albania with its local governmental partners the Municipality of Klina and Municipality of Has.