BGF part of the regional conference 'Green Economy and Sustainable Development'

29 May 2021

Balkan Green Foundation was part of the regional conference "Green Economy and Sustainable Development" - where the project manager, Besfort Kosova, presented the implementation of the cross-border project 'Crossing the Green Towards Local Economies with Smart Investments'.

Mr. Kosova stressed the importance of the project in improving public services in the municipalities where it is being implemented (Municipality of Has and Klina), and the benefits such projects bring to the countries if replicated.

He went on to underline the necessity and value of smart investments in improving the livelihoods of the communities, the benefits such investments bring in health outcomes, energy savings and cost savings for the municipalities – that can be utilized for other beneficial purposes, increase in savings and improved environment.

Furthermore, throughout the conference, the practical results and outcomes of the project were pointed out, including the excellent cooperation with the Municipality of Has and Kline.

Recommendations were given that all the municipalities in the region should increase the budget for the green economy concept, support projects in this domain and adopt laws and policies conducive to green economy concepts as this is the ultimate, certain future.

This conference was organized by EDEN Center Albania, FORS Monteegro, Smart Kolektiv from Serbia, Center for Support and Development from B&H, EKO Svest from Macedonia and Associaton Slap from Croatia. This activity comes from the project "Green Economy for an Advanced Region", an EU-funded project.

To view the full conference, click on the link.