BGF commences localized efforts towards a zero-carbon economy

10 March 2021

BGF, along with its two partners from Greece and Serbia, through Green Rural Deal project will be instituting local sustainability efforts in three regions, Western Macedonia (Greece), Kamenica (Kosovo), and Priboj (Serbia).

As part of the project, BGF’s executive director, Visar Azemi, and Delvina Haxhijaha, project coordinator, met today with the Mayor of Kamenica, Qendron Kastrati, to set grounds for establishing a local inter-sectoral core group with representatives from authorities, civil society, academia and businesses to contribute to transformative low-to-zero-carbon pathways.

Ultimately, the aim of the project is to contribute to the alignment of transition policies in the target regions with the Paris-agreement and the SDGs (mainly correlation with SDGs 11, 13, 15) in the context of the European Green Deal.

Stay tuned for the workshop that will be held at the end of March to gather these local inter-sectoral core group to discuss in detail about the future steps we could undertake towards a just sustainable development in Kamenica.