BGF brought together local stakeholders of Klina to work towards drafting a Green Action Plan

26 February 2021

Balkan Green Foundation is working on the development of twinning Green Smart Investments Action Plans for two Municipalities (Klina and Has), within the framework of a cross-border project “Green Cross” implemented between Kosovo and Albania and supported by the European Union.

To further work in this pursuit, BGF held two participatory workshops in the Municipality of Klina to gather inputs to draft these policy plans inclusive of the viewpoints of all stakeholders and explore options in terms of cooperation, valorization of the natural resources to ultimately incorporate the financial benefits of green investments into local governance.

Present was the Mayor of Klina, Mr. Zenun Elezaj, who lauded the work of the experts engaged in the process, the project itself, and the importance that this cross-border project has.

Civil society representatives, as well as local municipal officials, gave their inputs for the drafting of the Action plan, which is in the benefit of the development of the local economies as well as the environment by enabling policies that are conducive to sustainable development, enforced with smart investments for energy efficiency.

Within this project, investments are foreseen to happen this year where public buildings in the Municipality of Klina will be equipped with solar panels to save energy, LED indoor and outdoor lamps, solar thermal devices, and other energy efficiency devices to save energy and contribute to a healthier environment as well as improve the livelihoods of the local population.

For more, as an important component of this project, the potential savings from the smart investments deriving from the project were discussed,  as well as the sustainability of the actions and overall aim to promote Klina as a model municipality sustainable and green economy starter.

The savings from the investments which are foreseen with the project to achieve a 30% reduction of energy bills, savings which will be channeled towards sustainable green projects in the municipality of Klina in the future.