BGF welcomes the EU call for global coal power phase out

26 January 2021

Europe's foreign ministers today placed the European Green Deal at the heart of the bloc's diplomacy by calling for an end to coal power and fossil fuel subsidies everywhere. 

Climate change, the 27 ministers said, was an "existential threat to humanity." They called for a worldwide phase out of "unabated" coal-fired electricity generation, meaning power stations that don't capture greenhouse gas emissions, without naming a timeline. They also want "an immediate end to all financing of new coal infrastructure in third countries." 

This decision marks a significant milestone and bears positive implications for the energy sector in conformance to the new European Green Deal, where the bloc has pledged to reach net zero emissions by 2050.  

Coal phase-out has been the center of many of BGF’s advocacy efforts, as it is a crucial step to further the goal for a just energy transition and securing a more sustainable environment.

“Pollution knows no boundaries and moving away from the coal legacy is what is needed most, not only for Kosovo, but also for the region, as the implications for our environment and health are detrimental.” marked BGF’s Programmes and Operations Manager, Rinora Gojani.