BGF participates in the Social Innovation Forum and the RISE Regional Forum in Belgrade

10 September 2021

The Balkan Green Foundation is participating in the Social Innovation Forum, where the RISE Regional Forum is being organized at the same time. BGF is the Local Incubator for Kosovo within the RISE project, which aims to promote social entrepreneurship in the six countries of the Western Balkans. The Social Innovation Forum is a two-day event that started yesterday, September 9, and is continuing today. This event is being held at KC Grad in Belgrade, Serbia.

On Thursday, the Project Coordinator at BGF, Shpend Mustafa, was part of the panel "Social Economy in the Western Balkans", discussing the development of a support ecosystem for social enterprises in the Western Balkans and the challenges faced by supporting organizations and social enterprises themselves. Shpend highlighted the problem of legal recognition of social enterprises in the Western Balkans, where none of the states has yet managed to have a specific law on them, as well as the problem of finance, the existence of support funds, and access to existing funds for social enterprises.

Also, Shpend Mustafa presented the Balkan Green Ideas program of the Balkan Green Foundation, in the panel of "Programs Supporting Innovation and Green and Social Enterprises" also held on Thursday, September 9th.

Today, BGF is part of the panel "Meet and Learn - How to start and grow your social business" where participants can ask questions about the topic of "Green Businesses and energy". This activity is organized in the format of "World Caffee" where participants come to different tables, and the people in charge of that table answer their questions about the specific topic for the table. Balkan Green Foundation officials at the forum will answer participants' questions on how to focus on green businesses and the energy sector, such as some of the areas where BGF works and advocates the most.

Social Innovations Forum (SIF) is Smart Kolektiv's annual conference dedicated to presenting innovative solutions to social challenges, whose focus is on topics such as the development of social enterprises and the sustainability of civil society. It is part of a broader initiative to promote and encourage social entrepreneurship, cross-sectoral cooperation, as well as the long-term empowerment of civil society in Serbia.

The RISE project - Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs - believes that young people in the Western Balkans are talented, full of innovative ideas, and eager to achieve them. That is why we want to support the ideas of social entrepreneurship that will make the region a better place. RISE supports young change-makers in developing their ideas with an impact on sustainable social businesses. Our personalized support program, RISE Journey, is implemented by 6 local incubators from different parts of the Western Balkans region. Balkan Green Foundation is the Local Incubator for Kosovo