Two-day training on Green Entrepreneurship and Good Practices in the cross-border region Kosovo-Albania held

09 September 2021

Klina, Kosovo - The second capacity development training in the frame of the EU-funded “Green Cross – towards local green economies with smart investments” project was held in Klina on 9-10 September 2021. The training brought together stakeholders from the municipality of Klina, the Municipality of Has, small business holders - entrepreneurs from both regions, farmers, representatives of the local governments, social activists, and representatives of local CSO’s. 

The aim of the training was to increase the capacity of the most important actors in the cross-border region, with a multiplier effect of diffusion to the larger public on green entrepreneurship, and share good practices that can be replicated in both areas. 

As such the most important principles of sustainability, entrepreneurship, conventional and innovative green entrepreneurship was presented and jointly discussed. What can the business sector do to transform itself to green business, and what the policymakers can do to incentivize businesses to become green and sustainable was elaborated and were jointly discussed, including in group work. Further on, including the practical measures and inclusive growth that derives from these principles, including and inclusive economic growth with no social strata left behind were presented and discussed in a participatory fashion.

The training used theory to practice methods of information exchange including sharing of experiences of small entrepreneurs present, ideas, and practical recommendations. Also, the importance and practicality, including the effects of larger institutional policy measures were elaborated, and how these measures aid in the development of green businesses and sustainability.

Externalities and health consequences were discussed in conventional business models, the transformation from conventional forms to innovative forms of green entrepreneurship, and how this can be achieved. The importance of the value chain was discussed, inputs, outputs, and innovative technology with a benefit both economically in reducing costs and increasing efficiency, reducing environmental footprint, and increasing health outcomes.  Creative ideas were discussed in good practices and adaptation with the trend of the new innovation and technology. Sector inter-linkage, between sustainable development, tourism agriculture was discussed and reflected upon with practical ideas and discussions. 

Joint recommendations were drafted as a result of the group work, joint active discussion, and the nature of the participatory approach, will be included in the preparation of the guiding manuals as a practical capacity development tool as practical useful recommendations that can be included in the local policymaking process to further aid in the sustainable local development.

The training focused also on increasing environmental awareness and using green, sustainable practices to enable the local development of the cross-border region in Albania and Kosovo, via strengthening the capacity of the local economic and policy sector. 

This training is realized within the European Union - IPA II funded cross-border project "GREEN CROSS - towards local green economies with smart investments”. A project implemented by Balkan Green Foundation in Kosovo and EDEN Center in Albania with its local government partners the Municipality of Klina and Municipality of Has.