Balkan Green Foundation organized lecture on “Green Economic Options, post-Covid 19”

30 October 2020

In the framework of Kosovo Sustainable Development Week and “Promoting Green Energy in Kosovo” project financed by GIZ Kosovo, Balkan Green Foundation organized lecture on “Green Economic Options, post-Covid 19”.

The lecture was delivered by Dardan Sejdiu and held in cooperation with Riinvest College. Throughout the lecture, Sejdiu focused on the economic development post-COVID-19, underlining new economic thinking and perspective firmly based on the principles of sustainable development as the new way forward. ‘Economic recovery should not be a return to the pre-Covid state, but should be an opportunity for a major transition to an economy based on conserving natural resources and tackling the major problems of climate change," Sejdiu stated.

In this pursuit, he particularly underlined the need to move from the current economic structure whose energy supply system is majorly based on fossil fuels and shift towards integrating renewable energy sources into our energy mix.
Sejdiu also stated that the construction of the future economic ecosystem will prompt discussions of acceleration of digitalization of services that became more and more evident in many industries following the global outbreak of Covid-19. “As digitalization, automatization, and artificial intelligence, are becoming more and more inevitable part of our social construct then we must think about how to treat the network for social protection”, he remarked while also stressing the importance of governmental programmes, namely universal basic income, put in place particularly in this unprecedented economic turmoil brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

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