25 May 2022

Over forty (40) high school students from the municipalities of Ferizaj, Lipjan, South Mitrovica, Peja and Prishtina participated in the "Green Debate Tournament" which took place on the 21, 22 and 24  of May. During the weekend of May 21 and 22, the preliminary rounds and the semifinal were held at the Gymnasium "Xhevdet Doda" - Pristina, to continue further in the final held on May 24 at KINO Armata. In the final, four teams from the municipalities of Peja and Prishtina debated on the topic: "This house would impose an environmental tax on fast-fashion companies". The winners of the tournament were the Debatable team from the Gymnasium "Bedri Pejani" - Peja, which will also be rewarded with an investment in solar panels worth $ 4000.

The "Green Debate Tournament" was organized in the structured format of the "British Parliamentary" debate, a format used by the most prestigious universities in the world,  representing one of the most popular methods of developing critical thinking through informal education. Young people through the project in general strengthened their skills in creative and critical thinking by being trained in this format of debate and participating in the tournament organized for the students. The tournament focused on debating topics related to environmental issues, to raise young people's awareness of the importance of protecting the environment, thus becoming green activists themselves.

This project is supported by UNMIK and implemented by the Balkan Green Foundation.