BGF part of the debate on ‘Rule of Law and the Environment’

15 July 2021

Prishtina, Kosovo - Visar Azemi, BGF’s Executive Director, participated in the ‘Rule of Law and the Environment’ debate organized by GIZ Kosovo, which juxtapositioned the environmental needs with the essential legal systems, providing a basis for discussions on establishing a better founded environmental governance.

To represent views on the matter, present also were Krenar Berisha, judge in the department of administrative affairs, Besar Mustafa, state prosecutor, Bedri Halimi, chief inspector of the water protection inspectorate.

Representing the civil society realm, throughout the debate, Mr. Azemi highlighted the indispensible role of legal enactments in closing the gap amid the existing legal and Green Deal Agenda frameworks and their implementation. ‘The imperativeness of staying within the bounds of critical sustainability thresholds is rooted deeply in the firm and just understanding and enforcement of the environmental laws. Accountability to the environmental laws, more exhaustive political will, effective policymaking, proper evaluation of environmental impacts of projects and investments, and a change in the ethical norms of behavior of the citizens will effectively respond to the increasing environmental pressures of climate change and address social and economic repercussions resultant.’ Mr. Azemi marked.

In this respect, Mr. Halimi unveiled the viewpoint of the inspectorate, as a key mechanism in the implementation of the laws, who emphasized a series of multifold heterogeneous obstacles faced in this field at a practical level.

Mr. Mustafa went on to highlight the key role that the prosecution plays in the implementation of environmental legislation by addressing criminal offenses committed to the detriment of the environment.

Mr. Berisha, on the other hand, stressed the role of the judge in the implementation of legislation in the environmental field and how effectively this legislation is implemented in practice. While he highlighted the importance of the judicial role in addressing these issues, he also emphasized the need for a special division dedicated only and especially for addressing these environmental matters.

To watch the full debate click here.