Energy Democracy in Kosovo

17 August 2020

Prishtine, August 17 2020 – Balkan Green Foundation took part in a green talk organized by DokuFest that focused on energy democracy in Kosovo. Representative of the organization was Rinora Gojani, Programmes and Operations Manager at BGF. Part of this talk were experts from various renown organization from different regions.

The discussions focused on unveiling the role of power and politics in the regime that resists renewable energy, the ability to encourage manifestation of energy democracy and how that could impact public behavior to demand infrastructural change for the transition to clean and sustainable energy. The Balkans is a transitioning region wherein hopes for democracy were born but the struggle to enjoy it still remains. The last struggle to build democracy is in Kosovo and Kosovo’s path to its own vision of sustainable development can become an excellent model for the region and the world.

Among others, Gojani emphasized that ‘So far, there hasn't been a government that had energy transition a priority in Kosovo, and that's holding us back. With the failure of New Kosovo Power Plant, we as organization think that there’s an open path for becoming a more sustainable country.”

The talk was fruitful that brought together experienced professionals within the field to discuss on future of sustainability.

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