BGF's newest project "Decarbonization for Climate Resilience"

29 June 2023

We are pleased to share with you the new project "Decarbonization for Climate Resilience".

For 18 months, the project will focus on the challenges faced by Kosovo in dealing with the impacts of climate change, with special emphasis on those sectors related to security and regional stability. In Kosovo, the topic of climate change does not enjoy the importance and due attention, and there are not enough capacities to face its consequences.

More specifically, the project will:

1. Offer support to government institutions for the drafting of sectoral policies according to EU standards;

2. Provide comprehensive platforms for discussion with key actors to influence environmental and climate policies;

3. Raise the level of citizens' awareness of the impact and effect of climate change on regional security and stability.

This project is supported by Smart Balkans and implemented by Balkan Green Foundation.