Towards a Sustainable Future: Inception Workshop for 'Energy Transformation and Decarbonisation in the Western Balkans'

18 March 2023

The ‘Energy Transformation and Decarbonisation in Western Balkans’ project is a highly significant initiative that aims to accelerate the energy transition and decarbonisation process in Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Serbia. 

At its core, the project seeks to foster the development of strong civil society networks that can work together to implement national and regional reforms in the region. The project is designed to provide political impetus and support the further development of national and regional energy and climate policies.

To achieve its ambitious goals, the project brought together its respective partners in an ‘Inception Workshop’ that took place from the 15 - 17 of March in Prishtina. The activity provided a unique opportunity for partners to engage in meaningful collaboration, share knowledge and ideas, and develop a cohesive approach toward achieving their goals while adhering to the project timeline.

Moving forward, the project partners will continue to work together closely in the coming years to achieve their shared vision of a more sustainable future for the Western Balkan region. 

“Energy Transformation and Decarbonisation in the Western Balkans” is a regional project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by Balkan Green Foundation in cooperation with Germanwatch, Belgrade Open School and Eko-Svest.