The fourth training within Green Cross project was held

22 December 2021

Balkan Green Foundation and EDEN Center held the fourth capacity building training in the framework of the cross-border project "Green Cross - Towards local green economies with smart investments".

The fourth training was held in Has and focused on the impact of the green economy on economic growth and practical measures that can be undertaken by municipalities (Has and Klina) to be in line with principles of sustainable economic systems.

The training was organized in three sessions. The first one addressed theoretically situational analysis, stakeholder analysis, opportunity assessment, the drafting of action plans and strategies for the development of their local economies based on the concepts of the green economy. The second session, continued on the practical implementation of these actions, from the side of how these actions will be realized, by whom and at what costs, and up to the final implementation. While the third session continued with examples from other countries, and how these experiences can contribute in the sustainable development of project municipalities in the local context.

Participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the realities of both municipalities as a result of the concrete investments that have taken place in the Municipality of Has and Klina, as part of the project. Investments foresee energy savings of up to 30%, which can create new budget lines. Such a model puts into practice the theoretical part of the training and makes understandable the economic benefits that come from intelligent investments, which as a result also lead to a green economy.

In Has, the external street lighting has been changed with efficient LED lamps that save energy, and in Klina, investment has been made with solar panels to use renewable sources and to generate energy.

The "Green Cross - towards local green economies with smart investments" project is financially supported by the European Union and is implemented by Balkan Green Foundation and Municipality of Klina in Kosovo and by EDEN Environmental Center and Has Municipality and in Albania.