BGF and Germanwatch publish recommendations on the Energy Transition process in Kosovo

22 December 2020

Balkan Green Foundation and Germanwatch, within the framework of ‘Multi-Actor Partnership for an Energy Transition in Kosovo’ project drafted a recommendations paper with the objective to support the government of Kosovo in the implementation of government plans for a RES phase-in – especially for drafting the revision of the Energy Strategy, the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) and the concept for renewable energy sources development.

While the Kosovo government is already actively engaged in RES development in the overall energy mix, embarking faster in RES development could make Kosovo a frontrunner in the region and further improve its performance in the context of international obligations, particularly those that derive from the implementation of the EU Energy Acquis.

The recommendations include concrete political steps and practical and technical measures that Kosovo must take for a faster, just, achievable and comprehensive energy transition in Kosovo. The recommendations presented were drafted by MAP project core team comprised of representatives of the public sector, the parliament of Kosovo, members of civil society, businesses and other local experts and from Germany in the relevant field as well as donors of the energy sector in Kosovo.

Upon the completion of NECP, BGF as an organization will make an evaluation as to whether the recommendations of the MAP project were incorporated into the final document of the NECP, this with the aim to increase transparency and ensure the inclusion and informing of the citizens on the steps undertaken in the process of energy transition in Kosovo.