BGF is organizing training for teams participating in RISE Journey's Ideation Chapter

06 November 2021

Balkan Green Foundation is working with eight teams selected for the RISE Journey, on helping them develop and ideate their social entrepreneurship ideas. The eight teams accepted into the RISE Journey, are participating in a four-month program of the Ideation Chapter on training and mentoring them to turn their ideas into successful ready to hit market social entrepreneurship.

Today we continued our presentation on the topics "My project and me" and "Social Business Model Canvas". On the part of the "My project and me" presentation, participants learned about different approaches tailored to their entrepreneurial uncertainties, how to use their strengths on the service of their project, how to use the network to strengthen their projects, and how to have a draft action plan of their project. Meanwhile, on the part of "Social Business Model Canvas", they learned about this widely used framework of ideating their business model with the additional social impact framework.

We will continue our activities until the end of February with those eight teams, when we will have the Demo Day where two selected teams will advance into the Incubation Chapter of the RISE Journey.

The eight teams of the RISE Journey #2 that we are working with are:

35 degrees - 35 degrees is the original toilet stool that positions your body in a natural, comfy squat. This toilet posture helps you to be healthier and feel better. Helps prevent and cure diseases such as colitis, appendicitis, hemorrhoids, constipation, and colon cancer.

Advising young moms - Advising young moms aims to provide an easy and healthy way of creating yummy homemade food for babies. The team wants to offer young moms curated content with kids' approved nutritious homemade recipes.

Eagle Ride - Eagle Ride is an innovative idea to help the environment and people by tackling the Air Pollution problem through decreasing traffic. It aims to achieve that by operating through e-scooters, providing rental scooters through different cities.

Eco Solution - Eco solution tries to link urbanism and chemical engineering. This idea aims to reduce environmental pollution by enabling an organic cycle of reuse from food waste by creating a profitable product to export. It also involves marginalized groups in the project and aims to raise residents' awareness of waste reuse and its benefits.

Glassic - Glassic intends to create a support system in our community, more specifically for local farmers, and at the same time protect our environment through used glass management. The system they intend to create will provide support for the local farmers, and as a result, reduce the waste of perfectly reusable glass in our environment.

Old King's - Old King's wanna produce soft ice cream with milk from local farmers. We decided that our ice cream shop should hold humanitarian actions and so together we try to solve a social problem. Old King's wants to focus on adding value to its organic ice cream by establishing itself as a reputable ice cream company.

TePema - They decided to work on their newest prototype product for energy efficiency called "TePeam Facade 2.0" which aims to decrease the price of electricity bills by 30% and reduce 500kg of CO2 emissions from each household.

Thesarë - Thesarë aims to become the foremost sustainable ethical fashion brand in Kosovo that will produce and sell ethical clothes made by the hands of the people from the NEET community. The idea is to train people from the NEET Community to make clothes, and then allow Kosovo people to sell these products through monthly catalogs of clothes and accessories, get discounts for their purchases, and generate profit based on their sales.

The RISE project - Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs - believes that young people in the Western Balkans are talented, full of innovative ideas, and eager to achieve them. That is why we want to support the ideas of social entrepreneurship that will make the region a better place.

RISE supports young change-makers in developing their ideas with an impact on sustainable social businesses.

Balkan Green Foundation is one of the six local incubators responsible for implementing RISE activities within the Western Balkans region.