BGF participated in the roundtable on Hydropower Energy in Europe

19 January 2021

BGF participated in the roundtable discussion on “Environmental and Socio-economic Challenges of Hydropower in Europe: Experience of Non-Governmental” organized by Hydropower Europe. The roundtable gathered representatives from prominent Non-Governmental Organizations from across Europe, with the objective of bringing together all hydropower stakeholders to provide inputs for the establishment of all-inclusive policy framework and research efforts towards a sustainable and environmentally-friendly hydropower sector in the future.

During the event, participants shared their expertise and experience on environmental and socio-economic challenges related to hydropower in their respective countries and regions.  

Balkan Green Foundation’s project manager, Besfort Kosova, portraying the situation in the Balkans region, enumerated a series of challenges regarding the energy sector in Balkans, referring to the issues of hydropower plants and adverse implications on the environment resultant, focusing on the damage deriving from unsustainable small hydropower plants.

Amongst others Mr. Kosova stated that “Balkan Green Foundation considers that hydropower plants should not be built in natural parks and in protected areas, where they damage the environment, disrupt local communities and has a negligible impact on the energy situation. Hydropower plants should be built only at designated locations where the environmental criteria allow, without damaging communities, and where they allow for sustainable development.”

The discussions ended on the note that to make sure hydropower can be a catalyst of the energy transition in the long run, all of its stakeholders must cooperate and be heard. Participants noted that these discussions could become instruments of realization to propel forward advancements in the field of green energy.