Seven selected teams within the RISE project scheme announced

21 October 2020

Balkan Green Foundation presents the seven teams that in the next 4 months will work on the development of their entrepreneurial ideas with a component of social character within the regional Project RISE. 

Teams are made up of motivated, committed young people, who are willing to learn and make changes for the benefit of society.  

Out of all the teams that applied, seven were selected to go through the ideation phase:

  • Mia Bags Handcrafted

Mia handmade bags transform the waste of furniture fabrics into attractive and unique products. As such, the endeavor presents an eco-friendly business approach that will contribute to waste reduction and income generation for the people involved in the production.

  • Gracanica Innovation Centre

Gracanica Innovation Centre aims to produce recycled 3D products with the involvement of children and students. The activity will contribute to build knowledge & skills and promote plastic recycling as a practice.

  • Eco-Baskets

The idea behind Eco-Basket is to connect the local small producers with the interested buyers all over Kosovo. The basket will promote healthier nutrition and establish a sustainable market for the local products.

  • I love Green

I Love Green objective is to present attractive T-shirts with environmental awareness raising messages. Additionally, the selling of T-shirts is foreseen to contribute to increase of green public areas by planting a tree for each t-shirt sold.

  • Shnosh

Shnosh aims to provide alternative natural, local and zero-waste products to over-packaged hygiene and self-care products with chemical content present in the market. Additionally, the team wants to inform people and raise awareness of the environmental and health benefits of such products.

  • Kompostopia

Kompostopia promotes the composting practice through an integrated approach and involvement of households, waste management company and local government. The activity contributes to reduce waste and wider promotion of the composting practice.

  • Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening seeks to present and promote the urban gardening concept among the urban areas. The team will inform and provide training & advisory services to the interested people to organize and adapt urban spaces (ex. balconies, roofs, rooms, etc.) in small gardens.

The RISE (Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs) project believes that youth of the Western Balkans are talented, full of innovative ideas and eager to achieve them, which is why they seek to support social business ideas that will make the region a better place.

Balkan Green Foundation is one of the six local incubators responsible for implementing RISE activities within the Western Balkans region.