Marking World Energy Day 2020: Kosovo’s road towards energy transition

22 October 2020

The need for an energy transition is more than evident. The impact of fossil fuels on people’s lives, the environment and the climate is irreversible and energy transition is considered as the only option for the future.

Throughout the years, Balkan Green Foundation has been one of the main advocates towards promoting and supporting a feasible and just energy transition in Kosovo as well as to shape energy sustainability. One of the projects worth highlighting is the “Multi Actor Partnership” which BGF is implementing with with the support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The core of the project is to tackle the transition of Kosovo's energy system, in particular its electricity system towards a more sustainable state, hereby enforcing a positive vision for a well-functioning electricity system. BGF continuously promotes and advocates for stronger cooperation between actors of different sectors either local or regional, in order to push for environmental protection, and the overall well-being of the society.

Celebrated internationally, the World Energy Day aims to stimulate worldwide awareness of energy issues, and the importance of ensuring access to affordable, reliable and modern energy for all nations. This year, Kosovo marks the World Energy Day on a more positive note, considering that the plans for building the "New Kosovo" power plant have been halted. This has presented a victory for the future of the energy sector in Kosovo and a triumph of the public interest in general.

Visar Azemi, the executive director of Balkan Green Foundation stated that Kosovo has obligations and responsibilities not only towards the Energy Community but also fulfilling its own RES targets. “Energy transition is a multidimensional process and policies that increase energy efficiency, accelerate the shift to renewables and conserve natural resources must be enforced. Government of Kosovo must join this new global trend and pave the way for the necessary transition of the energy market in Kosovo”, said Azemi.

BGF will contribute towards the sustainable development in Kosovo, and along with its partners to assist in paving the way for the development of the country’s energy sector. It is essential for Kosovo to enforce its relationship with the local, regional and international partners in order to enhance mutual contribution towards a just energy transition and promote global decarbonizing efforts.