Recent developments in the field of sustainable development in Kosovo

30 September 2020

Balkan Green Foundation embraces the recent developments in the field of sustainable development in Kosovo.

September 29 marks the formation of Green Caucus of the VII Legislature in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo. The Group, with now comprehensive political representation, confirmed their commitment to a genuine activism and engagement in the implementation of the Resolution of the Assembly of Kosovo on the alarming state of air quality in 2018. They also pledged to engage in awareness-raising initiatives, review and monitoring the implementation of environmental legislation, but also in advancing inter-institutional cooperation, especially in the field of cooperation with civil society, the local level and the business community.

Vjosa Osmani, Chairwoman of Kosovo Assembly, has remarked that "We are witnessing that green policies are already at the center of the whole concept of economic development and this has been clearly proven with the European Green Agreement. Therefore, it is time for the Assembly of Kosovo to have a proactive approach in addressing environmental challenges and promoting the green agenda, as this directly affects the protection of our health but also results in endless economic opportunities unexplored so far, "

As Kosovo struggles for sustainability transition, these movement represents a steppingstone for reforms rooted in environmentalism, accurately capturing ecological orientation, and moving climate justice to the forefront. Delvina Haxhijaha from Balkan Green Foundation marked that “The establishment of a Green Caucus in Kosovo will assist in producing adequate and effective environmental policies which aim to employ accommodative strategies for the environmental protection and push forward the integration of a green agenda.”

On the same day, another good news received was the new KOSTT and ENTSO-E Connection Agreement entering into force. “We are pleased to see the successful conclusion of the agreement between KOSTT and ENTSO-E. The agreement enables the independent operation of KOSTT as a regulatory zone outside the Serbian TSO and outside the SMM Regulatory Block (Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia). This successful act enables the integration of the energy market between Kosovo and Albania. We commend public institutions of Kosovo (KOSTT and ERO) and international partners for their good work in achieving this goal that will facilitate proper functioning of the regional energy market” has stated Rinora Gojani, Programmes and Operations Manager at Balkan Green Foundation.